Proposal Preparation Services (Cost and Pricing)

We can assist you with preparing your cost and pricing volume for any solicitation, for any agency.  Make sure you match your pricing to your winning technical narrative.  Project rates for long term contracts to assure you meet the needs of the potential client and that you meet your profitability needs through all contract types (cost reimbursable and fixed price).  Don't lose a contract because you didn't pay enough attention to the price volue.

Business Systems Compliance Surveys

  • Accounting System (Pre-Award, Post-Award) - We will survey your system to assure that it meets the requirements of SF-1408 and DFARS 252.242-7006.  We will help you assure that no deficiencies exist that will cause long term issues and withheld payments on contracts.
  • Earned Value Management System - We can assure that your EVMS meets all of the requirements of DFARS 252.234-7002.
  • Estimating System - Implementing a compliant estimating system not only guarantees you meet the requirements of DFARS 252.234-7002, it also puts into place processes that allows your business to be the most competitive and profitable company you can be.
  • Material Management and Accounting System - Track and identify all of your government and contractor inventory in accordance with DFARS 252.242-7002.
  • Property Management System - Track all government property in accordance with DFARS  252.245-7003.
  • Purchasing System -  Make acquisitions of products and services utilized on government contracts meet all FAR requirements in accordance with DFARS  252.244-7001.


Regulatory and Statutory Government Contract Compliance


Cradle to grave government contract consulting.